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"SENJU" literary means 'thousand arms' in Japanese. It originates from Senju Kannon (Buddhist Deity of Mercy) with a thousand arms and a thousand eyes that represent the deepest compassion and strongest powers to help all living things. Senju Notary’s core value mirrors the compassion and strength to serve our community by respecting and protecting clients’ interests and resolving clients’ issues. 

We provide professional, non-contentious legal advice that caters to each client's needs in wide range of services: real estate transfers, wills and personal planning documents, notarization and contracts. 

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About Kay

Kay (Kyoko) Manabe is a practicing notary and a member of Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. Prior to becoming a Notary Public, she has honed her skills in marketing, particularly in the areas of social media, advertising and promotions in both private and public organizations. A mother of two and a long-term North Shore resident, you may see her in the North Shore mountains - hiking, and skiing. She also enjoys travelling and walking on the Seawall. She holds an MA in Applied Legal Studies from Simon Fraser University, an MBA from McGill University and a BBA in Marketing from Simon Fraser University. Kay speaks and writes fluent English and Japanese.   

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British Columbia (BC) Notaries are proud members of a select group of legal professionals commissioned by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. 

We are unique legal advisors, highly trained in the provision of numerous non-contentious services, including land law and all the important personal planning tools available to the people of our province - Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements, and Advance Directives. BC Notaries are governed by the Notaries Act of BC and the discipline of their professional society.  

(Source: The Society of Notaries Public in BC)

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